Our graphics department is second to none! We take the time necessary to provide the BEST artwork for your project because when you look good, we look good! Having a designer that understands all of the industry standards is the key to top notch printed materials. Our designers are educated in offset print design, signage design, website design, advertising and marketing design and publication layout and design. Call us if you have any questions about our design services at 423-543-2600.



Understanding the limitations and advantages of offset printing is important when designing for business cards, letterhead, envelopes and countless other items we provide on our offset machines. We also take into consideration these perimeters when designing your materials and will discuss them with you throughout the process so that you have an advantage in your industry when marketing your company.


Today's technology has allowed for truly spectacular full color printing capabilities. With these advancements have come a stronger attention to image quality. We strive for the sharpest renderings of your photos, logos and graphs when designing your materials. If you are unhappy with the quality of work you are receiving from another printer call us today so we can help you!


The internet can be your business, charity or school's best tool for letting people know what you have to offer. There are many tools and resources online that can help you do-it-yourself but you may not know what you are missing out on if you aren't educating yourself regularly on updates and new products.


Our staff stays informed on all the latest technologies for web design, SEO and social networking. We can build your website and/or social media accounts to work together and attract the consumer you are looking for. We offer competitive prices and low monthly hosting & domain fees. We have plans for websites that need to be updated often to those that only need to be spruced up a couple of times a year. Call today and we can discuss what your needs are and how Appalachian Printing can help you!


We offer publishing design services for:

• Books

• Athletic Programs

• Magazines

• Newspapers

• Newsletters

• Directories

• And many more!


With over 15 years in the publishing design industry, our design department's attention to quality can help your publication or program be very successful! From product development and consulting services to logo design and product formatting, we offer extremely competitive rates. Visit our store to see samples of our work and discuss your publishing needs



Your logo is as important as the services you offer to your client. A well designed logo can inform a prospective client immediately about your business. Integrity, strength, loyalty, honesty, speed of service are all attributes that can be subconsciously inferred from a simple logo. Our design department will work closely with you to develop a logo that not only informs your client of your attributes but also keeps your budget in mind for future products and uses.


You will receive copies of your new logo in formats that can be used in newsprint, television, websites and billboards. Whether you need a rebuild in vector to make a current logo more useable, a redesign/upgrade to a brand that you have used for years or a new concept, we can aid you during this very important decision making process.


The biggest mistake advertisers make when marketing their company is not keeping a consistent looking product. The same logo and fonts used on your business card should be used on your newspaper advertisements and billboards. Most publications and billboard companies offer design services with your purchase but that does not guarantee that the resulting product will correctly reflect your brand.


We work with you to create single advertisements with space to add additional information as you need or we can help you create entire marketing campaigns that strengthen your brand in the public. Our advertisement design services are competitively priced and will make your advertising dollars spent worth more in the long run.

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