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Joe Honeycutt

Appalachian Printing was founded by Joe Honeycutt in 1999. Joe was an apprentice under his father, Jerry Honeycutt of Roan Mountain, TN, for many years. He also attended Northeast State studying business management and computer technology. He began his career printing for local churches and schools. As the company grew and started to take on more clients so did the needs of those clients. In 2012, Appalachian Printing bought a building in Elizabethton, Tennessee right down the street from Elizabethton High School. Now Joe provides not only high quality printing and thermography services but also signs, labels, T-Shirts, embroidered items, promotional products and awards. Our Elizabethton location has a store with plenty to look at when you need ideas for marketing your event or business. Visit soon and ask for Joe!

Amanda Honeycutt

Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, Amanda Honeycutt felt right at home in the beautiful East Tennessee mountains. She and her mother, Pat Craddock, moved to the TriCities area to start a publication, American Classifieds/Thrifty Nickel, in 1999. When the company needed business cards, they contacted Joe and well the rest is history! Joe and Amanda were married in 2006 and they have worked side by side ever since that summer. She was responsible for production and distribution for 7 years while working at American Classifieds and brought a wealth of design knowledge with her to Appalachian Printing. She also had a hand in many other publications in the area including The Voice and Tennessee Style Magazine. She has taught classes at national conventions on the pagination process for small publications and gives consultations to start up publications to this day in our area. She also attended East Tennessee State University and studied Mass Communications. If you have any questions for Amanda email her at marketing@866pressman.com

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